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Discover the Forgotten Keys for you to stand out, win in life and create your own luck with Commander, Judge and Entrepreneur José Alves Carvalho.

If you’re reading this, it’s likely that some people around you, like friends and family, have doubted you. Or perhaps you’ve reached a point where even you yourself don’t believe in yourself because you believe in the law of attraction and luck… but maybe no one, not even yourself, can see the results of that!

Here, you will understand that there are practical KEYS that are overlooked nowadays because people are constantly searching for the magic and quick secret to success. But through these keys, you can and will achieve the goals you set for yourself and no longer have to rely on the law of attraction, luck, or anything similar you may have read on the internet!

As the Bible says in Proverbs 15:14, “The wise seek to learn, but fools are satisfied with their own ignorance.”

And here, we’re giving you the chance to learn from the mistakes and successes of someone who has been through many incredibly difficult situations but managed to overcome them all and achieve all the dreams he set as goals.

We’ll present you with this KEY to success not by showing you a method or a tool, but by introducing you to a person!

He calls himself “the unlikely one”!

After all, he didn’t come from a wealthy family, with a lot of education, and high social standing, quite the opposite… He came from a small town, from an extremely humble situation.

But he saw SOMETHING that many overlook and put it into practice, which changed the course of his entire life.

Carvalho, as he is known in the business world, started working in agriculture from a young age, around 12 years old. In his own words, he used to say that in the future, if he was very lucky, he could become a cowboy, an employee, or at most, a foreman or farm manager.

However, the unique perspective he recognized and put into practice allowed him to break away from the ordinary and strive for the extraordinary.

Carvalho didn’t become a foreman or a cowboy; he surpassed the realm of the ‘likely’ and achieved:

  • Financial stability and freedom
  • The ability to choose the days he works
  • Degrees in Law and Business Administration
  • Partnerships with several large and profitable companies, including franchises
  • Distant dreams, such as becoming a judge
  • A well-established family and much more!

But he faced several challenges along the way, such as:

    1. Escaping extreme poverty: Carvalho had to overcome the challenges of growing up in a situation of extreme poverty. This meant facing daily struggles for basic necessities and navigating a system that often perpetuates inequality.
    2. Experiencing business theft: Along his journey, Carvalho encountered the unfortunate experience of being robbed in his business ventures. This setback tested his resilience and determination to bounce back from adversity.

    3. Leaving his hometown for an unknown place: Carvalho made the courageous decision to leave his familiar surroundings and venture into an unknown place. This required him to adapt to a new environment, build new connections, and navigate unfamiliar challenges.

    4. Facing prejudice: Throughout his journey, Carvalho had to confront and overcome prejudices and discrimination. Whether based on his background, social status, or personal characteristics, he encountered obstacles that tested his resolve and reinforced his determination to succeed.

But acting in accordance with this key allowed him to turn all that negativity into positivity, to the point where he can confidently say today:

"I am a winner! I am happy in my family and in my business. Today, I have the power of choice... And I have achieved many dreams. If you don't believe in yourself, don't even start!"

José Alves Carvalho

I know you may be inclined to think, “But he is an outlier.”

Yes, the results he has achieved may indeed be exceptional…

But the principles he followed to attain them are available to anyone, including you.

Especially now, as he has decided to share his story and journey, proving that YOU can also achieve ANYTHING you desire if you believe in yourself and follow the practical principles he followed and continues to follow to this day.

And with the intention of showing you that it is POSSIBLE, he wrote a book, revealing the whole story, which will show:

  • The pattern of behavior of people who achieve their dreams;
  • How to believe in oneself;
  • What parameters to follow to become someone GREAT;
  • The Forgotten Keys to stand out, which many ignore;
  • How to reach distant dreams;
  • How to be a CREATOR of opportunities.
  • And many other valuable practical lessons.

And now that you know there is a chance to make your dreams come true and become exactly what you desire... What do you decide?

a) To remain stagnant, without achieving your goals, believing solely in luck and the law of attraction, which do not bring you real results?

b) To be part of the 8% of Brazilians who achieve their dreams and goals, regardless of how big they may be, and create your own luck and opportunities?

If you chose option B, congratulations! 


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